Memorial Day

A few days ago I watched a large plane come in low over our home. Since I live only about eight miles from the end of the runway of March Reserve Airbase seeing a large aircraft isn’t unusual. Every day C-17s and KC-135s fly over. But this particular plane was different. I bit my lip and my eyes welled up as it flew in on final approach. This plane was white DC-10,under contract to the military. I knew it nearly 300 men and women filled that plane. Men and women coming home from Afghanistan. Coming home. Away from RPGs and IEDs. Coming home to families and lovers, to spouses and children. I breathed a little prayer of thanks for their safe return.

On the other side of this great country of ours there are people who live in the flight path of another air field. Dover AFB. Some of the planes landing there carry the flag draped coffins of our military who have paid the ultimate price so you and I can live free.
Today, Memorial Day, I salute them all.

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