Joy and Heartache

I’ve spent the past few weeks going through the labyrinth of my mind… sweeping out the cobwebs, trying to pick of the pieces of a long neglected blog. Truth be told the time-frame has been more like months. The muse from ‘The Storyman in a Rabbit Hole’ vanished. So where do I begin? Probably nowhere better than the juxtaposition of joy and sadness.
About a week ago, I held in my hand the first proof copy of my newest mystery novel, Body in the Lake. A long stint of hard work and numerous rewrites had come to fruition. What did I feel? Joy and satisfaction at reaching the milestone. That proof copy is now with an editor for a final review – and undoubtedly a few suggestions to improve the punctuation and word flow. Soon (in book time that’s a month or so) it will be born and begin its journey of being read and reviewed.
Then a day later, my joy evaporated. I sat beside the hospital bed of my niece. She was worse than ill. Liver and kidney failure. Her organs dying within her. I held her hand and told her for the hundredth time I loved her. She squeezed my fingers ever so slightly. My wife leaned over and kissed her. I said, “We love you, Sandy.” It would be the last time we saw her. Two hours later, we received a phone call. Sandy, in her husband’s embrace, slipped away. Tears of sadness come to my eyes as I write this.
How to make sense of it all. Just the events of life. One brings joy in its wake, the other profound sadness. There is only one thing to do. Go forward. Enjoy the good and suffer the bad, knowing that in the ever turning circle of life – somewhere around the corner from despair… is JOY.
In this place from time to time, I’ll share a thought or two. Some serious, some a bit inane. For sure – a little variety to stimulate the gray cells. Until next time…
The Storyman

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