Mean People

The other day when my wife and I were driving to the grocery store a lady cut us off. Did she mean to? Did she even see us? I don’t know. The event, however, began a conversation.
Why does is seem that people are meaner now than they used to be? Could it be because the economy is bad and they feel like life has dealt them a bad hand? Could it be because the politicians on both sides of any issue believe attacking their opponent is the way to win people over to their way of thinking?
The issue took center stage the other day when the You Tube video surfaced of 7th graders bullying an elderly school bus monitor. Then the news reported that some people, rightly incensed by the pre-teen’s actions, started making threats to the kids and their parents. Didn’t they think that more bullying doesn’t help the situation?
Maybe mean spiritedness and bullying has grown because it seems like everyone is doing it. Is there a solution?
I have an idea. If everyone who reads this refrains from that mean-spirited remark (or action) and instead performs an undeserving act of kindness for one person each day you will create a small oasis of joy. It might not last forever, but it will make a joyful moment for both of you.
As the movie critic on some TV channel says, “I’m in!”

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