Crossing the Finish Line

His parents and his friends call him Matt. He’s eleven and a student at Colonial Hills Elementary in Ohio. Even though he knew it would be hard for him he wanted to run in a race. Everyone told him not to, but he insisted. The problem, you see – Matt has cerebral palsy.
I saw Matt race – isn’t the Internet a wonderful thing when it can bring us closer together.
By the time Matt reached the halfway mark, everyone else had crossed the finish line. Matt struggled on, his arms flailing, his feet stumbling forward. He looked as though he’d collapse on the track. Then something marvelous happened. The P-E teacher, his coach ran onto the track at Matt’s side. He patted him on the back, told him he could make it all the way. With the renewed energy from encouragement, Matt charged ahead with his awkward stride. Then the other runners joined him. Together as a band of brothers they ran with him until he crossed the finish line.
Everyone won that day at Colonial Hills Elementary and I was reminded again of two truths. We need to keep on keeping on, to never quit. And when our friends, or family, or yes – even strangers need a little help we can never know how much we’ve helped. It might be just enough for them to cross the finish line.

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